Not Close and No Cigar

I was informed last week that my application to blog for the QWC was not successful. Well, 2011 has certainly been the year of knockbacks. I know it’s all part of the game, though, and it doesn’t really get me down. I could avoid rejections and disappointments, but it would mean I’ve withdrawn from the journey. No. I am writing and I am bravely putting it out there, which is a big step forward over the last twenty years during which I just imagined and talked about writing.

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed. Frankly, I’m bummed. Especially since my success rate for the year is about 1 out of 10. (Hey! Thank God for the 1! That was a second place win in the 2011 CYA Conference for my short story, Saving Aggie Blue.)

Apparently the QWC were “overwhelmed” with great submissions. Dang! It would have been fun to do the course and blog about the experience. As a concession I was offered a discounted price to join the YON course. I’d love to, but I’ve spent all I can on writing for a few months. It would be different if some money were coming in from my writing.

Fingers crossed: I have one more piece out there at the moment, something I’ve worked on for well over 18 months. I should hear by next Friday the results of that entry. Two wins would be so excellent…

So now that I know that I’m not the QWC’s resident blogger, I have to decide what to do with this cool blog I’ve set up.

I think I’ll still use it to chronicle the journey of writing. Even though I’m not doing the course, I can still get a new writing project under way. I think I’ll even use NaNoWriMo to get some momentum.

The cigar may come a little further down the road.

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