Finally A Decision

After wringing my hands for two weeks over which writing project to commit to, I finally made a decision to return to my manuscript called A Thousand Miles to Meet. My editor friend pointed out that its themes of Asia, cultural sensitivity, disability awareness, and national identity might make it an appropriate title for Australia’s new national curriculum. Also contributing to the decision to go with this manuscript is the fact that it has the strongest premise of the three I’ve been considering.

My first draft featured an American protagonist, but I’ve rewritten her as an Australian after receiving feedback from an author who recommended this change. In her experience, it is nearly impossible in the Aussie publishing market to sell a YA manuscript with a non-Aussie lead character. I’m all ears for solid industry advice. One Aussie protagonist coming up.

In addition to giving my protagonist Paige an Australian passport and cultural identity, my efforts this week have been focused on sculpting a sleek synopsis. I’ve also devoted time to reshuffling the plot events so that they are less episodic, more organic. The sad part of this work is the number of completed chapters has been shaved back from fourteen to ten. Soon however, I will stop all this juggling and fiddling. I’ll get all the loose bits locked down…and I’ll be able to launch into the heavy writing work.


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