Boot Camp

This weekend, I’m off to Boot Camp–Novelists’ Boot Camp at the Queensland Writers’ Centre. The blurb alone strikes terror in the heart: “Boot Camp is not for the faint-hearted; rather a wild weekend adventure in planning and executing your novel.”

It promises to be a full-on three days, with seventeen hours of heavy-slog workshopping and additional nighttime homework required. No push ups or marching here: the participants will be working their pencils, honing their flabby story ideas into rock-hard, sleek epistles.

Cracking the whip at the front of the class is Drill Sergeant Dr Kim Wilkins. Author of twenty-three books, including the international bestseller Wildflower Hill, Kim teaches writing at the University of Queensland. On the her blog she explains one of the aims of the Boot Camp is for the participants to work through their Resistance. Her email warned us to come ready to focus and to commit to the process–no shortcuts, no tardiness, no slacking.

Given the struggles I’ve had over the last two months in settling into this story, I am ready to take up the gauntlet. I am prepared to focus exclusively on this challenge and give it a whole uninterrupted (fingers crossed) weekend. I truly need to trample down the Resistance that has mired me. I say, Bring It On!

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