My Big News

It’s time to explain my silence. I’ve had to hold back on the posts on Ink, Sweat & Tears because I’ve been negotiating in the background with a literary agent. In the interests of *Professionalism*, I have refrained from commenting on the process. If I learned one thing from my first encounter with an agent, it was that one must always act professionally–no matter how excited one is.

Now, however, I have established a wonderful working relationship with an agent, and it has been an interesting journey. Here is a short overview of the process.

The agent (whose name I’ll withhold until I have her permission to include it) contacted me to see how my China novel had progressed over the ten months since we last communicated. The timing was serendipitous; I had just workshopped the novel, so I was feeling very confident and enthusiastic about the project. She asked to see what I had.

She liked what I sent and talked about moving forward. Let me say, that kind of freaked me out. In a good way.

After sorting out some changes, big and small, we started shaping the project. Ever since, we’ve been regularly exchanging documents, hers with comments and suggestions, mine with changes and improvements. It’s been an interesting process, and I feel my writing tightening up. Her feedback is opening my eyes to things I’ve missed, tiny nuances of voice and style and more.

It’s been great to have such in-depth involvement in my project. It’s an incredible confidence boost to have an agent take me on. Last weekend we worked on my author blurb for her website. I’ll post a link in the future, so watch this space!

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