Twitter: A Great Tool for Writers


Twitter is a great tool for writers. I have been playing around with it for about a year now, and I’m learning that there is more than one way to tweet. Celebrities and die-hard narcissists “me-cast,” while others “info-cast.” As a writer, I’m more interested in the latter. I generally don’t follow people with thousands of followers and a steady stream of trite I-statements.

My two Twitter profiles serve my purposes. My @CaptnCybersafe profile is devoted to parenting, technology, cyber-safety, school counselling and education. When I need an idea for a post on my eQuipped blog, I do a quick browse of my feed, looking for great ideas and leads. A good 80% of my posts originate from tweets. It really is the best way to stay current.

My @Ali_Stegs profile is devoted to writing, books, publishing news, friends and personal interests. I follow people and businesses that can inform my freelance and fiction writing. I have a pretty eclectic mix on that front–from Chinese politics to exchange programs, travel to shopping.

At a cyber-safety conference, I participated by tweeting on a few of the sessions. Nimble fingers and a quick wit are a huge help–I, alas, bumble along with thick thumbs and a woeful esprit de l’escalier. Still, it was an interesting experiment. With a little practice, maybe I can tone up both the digits and the wit.

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