Down the Rabbit Hole I Go

News flash! I get to participate in the Rabbit Hole event at the Queensland Writers' Centre. Starting tomorrow, I dive into three days of heads-down, hard-core writing with a view to completing 30,000 words or reaching “The End.” All day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I'll be hunkered down with some fellow authors at QWC HQ while a horde of other writers around the country will join in virtually.

2013 was a great year for writing “to spec” (writing for projects that weren't solely mine), so I'm yanking at the chain to let r-i-p on something of my own.

About My WIP…

Mined from the craggy depths of my imagination, it's an original Australian fairytale set in the wilds of Tasmania with the working title, The Keepers. It started out as a short story, but I'm expanding it into a middle grade fairytale adventure. It's guaranteed off-the-leash, bona fide out-there, and just a heap of creepy fun.

And it stars wee folk, Aussie style. *Tingle*

I'm heading back to my day job on Monday, so The Rabbit Hole adventure provides the perfect finale for the holidays. Looking forward to hitting the keys tomorrow with my fellow Rabbit Hole tumblers.


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