Even MORE Fun with Shakespeare

Packing up the prizes…


The Shakespearean fun continues as I pack up the prizes of Spilling Ink’s first ever competition. It was all part of the merrymaking in Spilling Ink’s 450th birthday bash for the Bard on the 23rd of April.

Any follower of Spilling Ink could participate by correctly completing the Shakespearean trivia quiz. It was as simple as naming the works of Shakespeare from which the following modern plays or movies were adapted.

  • West Side Story – Romeo and Juliet
  • Ten Things I Hate About You – The Taming of the Shrew
  • She’s The Man – Twelfth Night
  • The Lion King – Hamlet
  • Ran – King Lear

Goodie Boxes!

The first prize package consists of a shiny, new copy of Bill Bryson’s book, Shakespeare, and an adorable pack of Shakespearean Insult Bandages, both pictured above. The bandages come in a cute, reusable tin.

And the winner is…

….Brisbane author Sheryl Gwyther! Yay! Sheryl told me that Bryson’s book may come in handy for her WIP. I’m thrilled to hear that news, but here’s hoping the bandages have only novelty value.

Sheryl with her 1st place prize!

Sheryl said, “I’ve been wanting to get Bill Bryson’s Shakespeare for so long. Love the tin of Shakespearean insult bandages too. Might have to cut my finger so I can use one.”

Second place consists of a package of Insult Bandages, which goes to Rebecca Sheraton!


Congratulations, ladies! Enjoy!

Picking, packing, and posting the prizes has been so much fun! I have a *sneaky* feeling that competitions are set to become regular Spilling Ink Specials. Such a buzz! Watch this space…

Wrapped & Ready to Post!


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