Five Essential Apps for Readers: Webtools and Apps to Manage Your Reading

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Image by Raphaël Labbé, CC

I’m changing it up a bit this week. The focus of my series on 5 Essential Apps is shifting from writers’ apps to readers’ apps. Here are five apps and webtools that sweeten my reading life.


This is probably one of the most used apps on my iPad. It serves a multitude of purposes, including:


  • Cataloguing my books (I have 61 shelves cataloguing more than 1000 titles!)
  • Finding my next read
  • Storing my swelling To-Read list (which currently sits at an embarrassing 532 titles)
  • Connecting with friends about books
  • Following authors
  • Supporting my writer friends, and more

The app includes a bar code scanner, which makes listing books a breeze. The Recommendation Tab is fun too! GoodReads offers suggestions for books you might like based on your recent uploads.

Of course, every writer know that GoodReads is a fabulous marketing tool and essential for building an author platform.

Digg Readerdigg2-logo-square-webtreatsetc


Digg is primarily a social news aggregator site, but it is also a feed reader. That means it will gather articles of interest for you and that you can compile your own “playlist” of favourite blogs. I use it for the second function, having hand-loaded my feed with cool writing sites and writer-friends’ blogs. I set aside time every so often just to peruse my Digg feed with a pot of tea.


What Should I Read Next?download

Ever had a friend or loved one who was stumped for what to read next? Rack your brain no more!  This webtool will help you source just the right book. Type in the title of something you read and liked and this the website will spit out a list of possible titles to peruse. It’s fun to try even if you’re not stuck for reading matter. (And really, what book lover is? Refer above to my GR To-Read list of 532 much anticipated titles…)


Booko Buddy App
Booko Buddy App

Booko Buddy

*Author’s Note: If you can’t be trusted with a credit card in a book store, your partner will thank you for trying this app out.

This iPhone app lets you track down the cheapest offering of a title. Plug in the book you’re looking for, and it will generate a list of prices, cheapest to most expensive, for your shopping ease. It even factors in international postage.

It’s a handy tool for hard to find titles and books you’re giving away as prizes on your blog (when economy is the primary factor)—but do make sure you continue to support my heroes and yours, your local book store owners!

And finally….One for Children’s Authors to Keep an Eye On…Introducing…



download (2)Biblionasium is a kid-friendly GoodReads with the fun-factor ratcheted up to max. It’s all about fostering a love of books and reading. Young readers are invited to review books, play games to “flex their reading muscles” and enter competitions. The user interface is as colourful and inviting as a theme park! It’s strictly monitored and complies with COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) so parents and teachers can feel confident allowing children to use it.


There you go! Five Essential Apps for Readers (and writers, ’cause we’re all readers, right?)

Over to You!

Are there fascinating apps or wicked webtools for readers (and writers) you think I should know about? Please leave a comment!


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