Gorgeous Gifts for Writers & Readers: Handmade Journals

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Need a gift for your favourite word-nerd? In this series, we’ll explore some clever and quirky ideas. Today I want to show you the perfect present for the writer in your life, a handmade journal.

The Gift of Paper

According to tradition, the most suitable gift to celebrate a first anniversary is paper. Seriously? To my younger self, paper seemed paltry– a big step down from the diamond ring that sealed the deal twelve months earlier!

My appreciation of paper has come with maturity and writerly aspirations. There’s a lovely sentiment that comes with the gift of paper. It says, “Your writing is important, worthy of good materials.” Paper, especially letter paper, indicates a desire to stay in contact.  It’s actually a thoughtful gift from a friend and a terribly romantic gift from a lover.

photo 3Yesterday, an artistic friend thanked me with a handmade journal. I was so touched when I opened it to find the recycled materials reflect my interests as a children’s writer. The cover and spine were salvaged from an old book, and the hand-sewn pages are interspersed with envelopes, quaint illustrations from vintage kids’ books, and novelty fabric offcuts. It’s an amazing piece of art and a treasured gift.photo (7)



Sourcing Handmade Journals

How do you get your hands on these lovely creations? First, know that they come under lots of names: smash books, junk journals, handmade notebooks…

Etsy has a lovely selection, including:

(If you’d like a journal like the one in the pictures here, leave a comment and I’ll email you some details.)

How to Make Your Own

According to my friend, junk journals are heaps of fun to make. Check out this great tutorial on notebook making. Pinterest has about a gazillion images to inspire you.

Whether you create your own quirky junk journal or purchase one from an artist, a handmade notebook is a perfectly gorgeous gift for your favourite writer.

Paper Lovers Anonymous

Got “a thing” for paper like me? Bit of a paper problem?? Get a Paper fix on my Pinterest Board.

9 Thoughts

  1. I love, love, love these, Ali! Honestly, I am drooling on my keyboard! The problem is I am always a bit scared of using them. The links were great and that pinterest board needs to come with a bib to drool on 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I hear you, Yvonne! I haven’t taken pen to my new journal yet. I’m still enjoying its pristine loveliness. Once I get past that I hope to “enrich it” with some zen doodles and creative journalling. Thanks for commenting!


  2. You’ve only been married for one year?! I had no idea you were so young… 😛
    Those junk journals look REALLY cool!! I am so envious of you, Mrs S!!
    BTW, I have something exciting to show you….can I meet you on Tuesday, tomorrow? 😀
    G’night and keep writin’!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi “HP Fanatic”! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll show you the junk journal and you can show me your mysterious thing tomorrow! Sorry I missed you today. Nighty-night!


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