It’s Giveaway Time! Win a Handmade Journal

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Guess what? It’s Giveaway Time on Spilling Ink!

This event celebrates a few things—finishing earlier in the month Draft Three of my latest manuscript and the subsequent, preliminary nibbles of interest from some significant publishing professionals.

While we’re at it, let’s celebrate Spilling Ink’s new header image too! What do you think?

In my Shakespeare’s birthday giveaway, a fun prize pack of a book and Shakespearean Insult Bandages was up for grabs. This time, I’m giving away a gorgeous handmade journal, similar to the one my friend made for me.

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Made from 100% recycled materials

The journal is the creation of my artsy friend Kerry. She’s done the recycled cover in heritage mahogany and mustard, colours which are repeated throughout the hand-sewn pages. You’ll find pretty prints and quirky snippets from pattern books, vintage children’s stories, and pages from old record books.

Gotta Be In It To Win It…

All you have to do to be in the run to win a prize of a one-of-a-kind junk-journal and a pretty pen is:

  1. Share a link to this post on social media AND
  2. Comment below or on my Facebook page. In the comment, tell me how you’d use your smash book.

I’ll randomly draw one winner on Monday, 11 August, 2014.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in purchasing one of Kerry’s lovely designs, email me on alison underscore stegert at hotmail dot com and I’ll send you put you in touch.

17 Thoughts

  1. Hey there! I can’t actually re-post this on any media site – I’m not a part of any and I don’t trust them…so, sorry, I can’t do step one….

    I would use the journal to write about what happens in my life, maybe a bit of poetry, a bit of song-writing, stories and perhaps some doodles as well. I would treasure such a journal all my life 🙂

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  2. Hi Ali, congratulations on all your successes in your writing life. It’s wonderful to hear about your journey and read your updates.

    I love your friend’s book. She is very talented. If I owned a book like that I’m sure we would become best friends, like my other journals have all become and live beside my bedside table ready for me to jot down any new ideas that happen to pop into my mind during sleep and I would certainly show it the world in which I travel, where it would ride around in my backpack, again at the ready, for me to note down the things I see. We truly would be inseparable and I know I would grow quite dependent upon my little note buddy.

    However, if I was to win this gorgeous note journal, I think I would pay it forward to one of the young gifted students I teach creative writing to, in the hope it might inspire them to jot down their wonderful ideas and learn to be disciplined in capturing their inner thoughts. Maybe a journal like this would encourage a young writer to fill it with their experiences in the hope to enrich their writing and make the writing world a better place for it.

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  3. Oh wow, I loved your previous post on those lovely journals and now you give us the chance to win one! As I said before, it is really hard to use such a precious journal for fear of not doing it justice. However I am doing a lyrical language course in September and it would just be the right place to document some lyrical thoughts and poems.

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    1. Hey there Yvonne! I know you don’t know me or anything, but I was wondering, if “lyrical” meant the same thing as “songwriting”? I hope you’re doing ok in your course 🙂

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      1. I’d love to share a bit more about the course. It is called the Lyrical Language Lab, Punching up your Prose with Poetry taught by Children’s poet Renee LaTulippe. I was one of her beta testers and liked the course so much, I am doing it again. I used what I learned to make my picture book texts ‘sing’ more but also wrote quite a few poems. I think it would work really well for songwriting as well. (And no, I am not getting any incentives for recommending the course 🙂 )


    2. Hi Yvonne,
      One of these journals seems like the perfect place for lyrical writing. I second HPFanatic’s question about your course. It sounds fascinating! I’m guessing it’s poetry? Can you tell us more?


  4. I’d have so much fun with a Smash Book! I shared this giveaway on Twitter here: [edited] Thanks for the opportunity! I would love to win this 😀



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