Our Lucky Smashbook Winner Is…

A battered old book takes on a new life as a Smashbook.

Last month my artist friend Kerry introduced me to the joys of Smashbooks or Junk Journals. Hand-crafted from scrap paper and off-cast books, these journals are functional works of art.

I was so enthralled with mine that I decided to share the love. I picked one from Kerry’s stash to give away in Spilling Ink’s second contest for 2014.


Holding these events makes me feel like a Christmas elf. I have fun wrapping up packages, posting them off, and thinking of the happiness a parcel in the post brings.

Please note the spotty pink and black ribbon matches my blog’s Adelle Theme. *Wink, wink* That’s my little attempt at personal branding.

And the winner is…

Yvonne Mes!

Congrats Yvonne—I hope you enjoy your journal. I’m thrilled to say this prize is going to a good home, where it will undoubtedly be put to use. Yvonne is a picture book writer and illustrator. You can check out her work here.


Here’s a photo of the lovely lady enjoying her handmade journal. Thanks to Yvonne for sending me photos.



If you’d like a smashbook of your very own, leave a comment and I send you an email to put you in touch with Kerry.

4 Thoughts

    1. Wow! I’d love to see those journals, Renee! Following the link you sent, I found a book in her shop called The Grimstones – An Artist’s Journal. It looks amazing! I think I’m going to have to read the series now, too. Looks fabulous. Gothic fairytales–yummy!


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