One Thing Marked Off the To-Do List: Head Shots Done!

It only took me three years to get around to having my professional photos done. I have an enormous aversion to cameras, regardless of which side I’m standing on.

But here’s the result, a photo that doesn’t make me cringe. In fact, I’m really happy with it. Isn’t the light wonderful?


The photos were shot by the wonderful Cassie Eggert of Ivy &Pine Photography in her family’s fabulous, hand-built, recycled timber shed. Talk about a dream writing studio! Oh, Lordy. Surrounded by greenery, filled with natural light–don’t get me started on the loft (swoon!) that’s fully equipped with a Juliet balcony.

I set the scene with my vintage typewriter (a gift from my lovely editor friend Liz), a beautiful teacup, and a stack of gorgeous books.

So, that’s one task I can scratch off the rambling to-do list. Funnily enough, I found out this morning that I totally missed the Google Authorship boat. At least my blogs, Twitter, and FaceBook pages will benefit.

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