The Big Reveal: My Latest Manuscript

Amanita Muscaria

Breaking News: My WIP (work-in-progress) has graduated to WIS (work-in-submission).

I launched my baby into the wide world of publishing earlier this week. After devoting the bulk of this year (and a good portion of last year) to the project, I have sent it off to an editor who requested it a few months ago.

Letting go is a big step that requires a heavy dose of courage and tightly shut eyes. I’ve had to force myself to stop tinkering, quit checking, and knock off the second-guessing. It’s time to trust my instincts and rest in the encouragement of my family and friends.

New Process, New Learning

For the first time, I’ve been in a position where I could invite beta readers. [Beta Readers are peers (usually) who give feedback on a written work before the submission process begins.] What a great boon they were. A big public thank you to four wonderful writers:

Karen, Jacqui, Jocelyn and Tyrion

for investing their precious time into my project! I am so grateful. I also engaged an editor for a manuscript assessment, a step I highly recommend.

The Big Reveal

Up until now, my WIP has gone by its working title “The Keepers.” Today, for Spilling Ink readers, I reveal the actual title (at least the one I like. Its future editor/publisher might have other ideas.) Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls and beloved canine/feline companions, I present to you:

The Hunting of the Muse

It would be unwise at this early stage to give away much more than the title, so sadly I can’t reveal a log line or plot. I will tell you that the audience is upper middle grade (readers between 8 and 13) and the genre is “dark fairy.” The adventure story is set in Van Diemen’s Land in 1855.

Now begins the process of submitting and waiting!

Creative Commons Image Credit: Amanita Muscaria by Harry Harm


15 Thoughts

  1. Good Luck Alison, or as the Italians say “Buona fortuna!” or more colloquially “In Bocca al Lupo” (literally ‘in the wolf’s mouth’)!

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  2. “Dark Fairy”, I can’t wait to read it! Congratulations on sending it out on its submission journey. Well done! And now I can see why you simply MUST get down to Tassie for a month to spend time writing.

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