5 Fave Gift Ideas for Bookish Friends


The 4th of November marks 50 days until Christmas, so, with that in mind,  I’m continuing my list of great gifts for bookish people. Of course, one can never go wrong with the gift of a book, but there are oodles of other presents bookish types appreciate. Today, I’m sharing my picks from Etsy.

Ideas Galore on Etsy!

I love Etsy because it gives consumers the exciting option of supporting hand-crafters and artisans–rather than stuffing our hard-earned cash into the swollen pockets of multinational corporations. So often, the fun of Christmas gets buried under the weight of commercial pressure.  All those nerve-jangling carols that start way too early! Just stop!

When I shop at Etsy, I do so in the comfort of my own home, where I can avoid  the cognitive dissonance brought on by wintery Christmas decorations. I’m talking rugged-up Santas, snowy imagery, and wistful songs about a white Christmases when it’s bloomin’ 33 degrees Celsius outside (That’s hot for all my Fahrenheit readers). Seriously! I’m wearing shorts and flip-flops  while Dinah & Buddy croon away about how “Baby, it’s cold outside.” Give me a break!

Rant over.

Etsy is a great source of unique gifts, especially  personalised ones. So what are my five fave gift ideas for bookish friends?

Fave #1: Cute stationery

Like this for readers by TheFoxAndTheTeacup. Darling and personalised!


Or this for writers by PaperHouseDesigns:


Tip: Get notecards and letter paper personalised to make the gift extra special!


Fave #2: Literary-themed jewellery

Like this necklace for readers from thependantemporium:



Or this fab ring for writers from Shlomzion


Fave #3: Book-themed candles

If you loved my give-away candle for Hobbit Day, but how about PenandCandle‘s Earl Grey & Lavender Candle for the Austen fan in your life?


Or, here’s a pretty twist on candles–Book Luminaries from  Oldendesigns:


Fave #4: Customised notebooks

Like this one from TheIvyDesign


Practical and special. You can’t give a better gift than that!


Fave #5: Library Bag

Like this one from sixthandmain


Newbies to Etsy

If you’ve never ordered from Etsy and you’re wondering about security and reliability, I can say this: In my limited experience, I’ve never had a problem. In fact,  I have had excellent service on every count. I’ve been amazed to receive a notice that my customised items are in the mail on the same day I placed the order!

I usually pay with PayPal for a  little extra security. Do note that not every seller will post to Australia, and for those who do, you have to factor postage (which can be exxy) into the equation. Still, with all that, I’ve found and given some unique and memorable gifts from Etsy. Have fun shopping!

Do you have a favourite gift for bookish people? Share in the comments!

Image Credits

Cyber Monday Shopping by Mike McCune, CC

“Fave” images are from Etsy shops and link directly to the shop they represent.

*Discloser: I have picked these items out sincerely. I receive no remuneration for my endorsement from any of the sellers featured above .

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