More #WRAD15 Faves and Inspiration

World Read Aloud Day 2015
World Read Aloud Day 2015 is 4 March – Be a part of it!

In the lead up to LitWorld’s World Read Aloud Day, I’ve been talking to some expert read-alouders, namely children’s writers, teachers, and librarians–and today’s guest is a doozy!

Here are a few more ideas for great books to read aloud. Feel free to share your favourites in the comments!

Dimity Jan 2012Dimity Powell

Children’s Author, Review of Kids’ Lit

Where is the green sheep?
Where is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox

Like you, Ali, my read aloud pile is taller than the Tower of Pisa and perhaps as wobbly!

Nearly every picture book I come across, I try to read aloud, for pleasure and for my daughter. Some are just pure magic and demand to be read and sung loudly for all the world to hear.
My standout favourite though would have to be Mem Fox’s Where is the Green Sheep?

It started as your usual reading-with-your-infant favourite but has never lost its appeal. We’d add songs and outlandish sounds to each action too. Timeless.

My daughter would say that her favourite is Ships in the Field by Susanne Gervay. The play on words and silky simplicity of the narrative makes for joyful repeat reading.

Ships in the Field
Ships in the Field by Susanne Gervay

My favourite read aloud memory is not one of my own or one with me and my child, rather it occurred when my daughter was still a toddler and my father was over visiting. He read her a Pamela Allen picture book, Brown Bread and Honey in a rare moment of Granddad bonding. She was enraptured, almost as much as I. He read beautifully with deep expression and pure joy. I don’t ever remember him reading to me as a child like that. That was Mum’s job.

It’s a moment I cherish dear.
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 7.44.49 pm
Creative Commons Photo Credit: I Want to Tell You a Story by Tim Ellis

8 Thoughts

  1. Lovely memories, Dimity! My little ones love the Green Sheep. They love it so much, there is not need for me to read it aloud, they can recite it of by heart! The other favourites for reading aloud in our househould at one time or another were Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes and The Rain Train by Ella the Roo, which reads beautifully!

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  2. You are both welcome June and Yvonne. This was fun and really made me think and recall how and when and why I (still) read aloud. Interestingly, this was not something I took to easily prior to having a child when necessity called. Now it is almost as natural as breathing. 🙂

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