Featuring Little Meerkat by Aleesah Darlison


World Read Aloud Day 2015 is on the 4th of March. To celebrate, I’m featuring a very cute picture book: Little Meerkat written by Australian author, Aleesah Darlison, and published by Wombat Books.

Little Meerkat is the delightful story of a brash baby meerkat who craves independence and adventure. He doesn’t like to be treated like a baby! But through his misadventures, he learns how important–and comforting–it is to have his big, loving family and community nearby.

Aleesah kindly gave Little Meerkat permission to visit with me for a few days. For the purposes of #WRAD15, I am stepping into the role of his free-wheeling, big-spending fairy godmother. Little Meerkat’s every wish is my command.

We got together today over a flat white and mapped out some of his wildest dreams.


I have to say: for a little fellow, he sure dreams big! I suggested a romp at the park. Little Meerkat thought that was cool.


But what he really wanted was…


…A BIG beach adventure!


He watched the sailboats and all the surfers, and decided he wanted…

Little Meerkat is a grommet for a day!


…To learn to surf! So we gave him a lend of my husband’s new board. (Little Meerkat thought the pineapple design on the bottom of the custom WEIR board was totally rad.)


Surfing is fun but very strenuous, so he rested a while on my beach chair. Not for long though! Little Meerkat saw the busy surf lifesavers from the Alex Surf Life Saving Club. Next he wanted…


…To ride in one of those rescue boats! So I introduced him to a trainee surf lifesaver.


Lifesavers have to keep a keen lookout for danger–just like meerkats, who keep a watchful eye on the grasses of the savannah! Little Meerkat admired the lifesavers’ hard work and commitment to the community. It reminded him of home, where big meerkats keep grommets like him safe from danger.

On our way back to the car, he spotted the rock pools and begged…


…To look for some seashell souvenirs for Aleesah.

Tomorrow, we’ll pop them in an envelope and post them to her as a surprise!

This is Fairy Godmother Ali, over-and-out. I’m off to plan more BIG Adventures for Little Meerkat.


 You can buy a copy of Little Meerkat at the Wombat Books website.


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