Thanks for the #WRAD15 Memories!


Thanks to all my wonderful readers and friends for following along on my World Read Aloud Day 2015 extravaganza. I’ve had so much fun supporting LitWorld‘s international literacy advocacy event.

The fourth of March is coming to a close in Australia, but it’s just dawning in other parts of the world, so I will share two more friends’ Read Aloud Favourites.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 8.43.09 pmLynne

Teacher – First Grade and Kindergarten (and my sweet sister-in-law)

“I love the book The Angel of Mill Street written by Frances Ward Weller and illustrated by Robert J Blake. A Christmasy story where a stray dog which hides in the shadows helps a man who is trudging through the snow. I love when the kids start to see the dog and the magical tone of the book.”

June Perkins

Multi-platform Storyteller with photographs, creative writing, non-fiction and documentary

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 8.52.34 pm“The book that I liked most to read to my children when they were little was  A Lion in the Night by Pamela Allen. We loved Pamela Allen books, and you could buy them on special in packs at the Post office.

This book has super fun illustrations and a lovely flowing read aloud structure.

As a child my favourite books and stories read by my Dad were most definitely by AA Milne. He loved to read the poems like James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree. He also had a particular liking of stories like Blinky Bill and The Magic Pudding. It was funny having a slice of the book read to us.

I wrote a story for ABC Open about listening to stories from my Dad called Listening Divas. (Click the link to listen!)

I write poems that often work well aloud.  One special favourite, a signature poem, is Magic Fish (originally called Grumpy Fisherman). It is coming up in my book soon. Magic Fish and All that Jazz.

I am making a short film to go with a public reading of it.  It’s almost finished…”

 A Big Shout Out

Lots of children’s writers, teachers, and school librarians supported my Spilling Ink Special Event, and I want you to know I appreciate your input and time.

A special shout out to kidlit writer Aleesah Darlison for  letting me play fairy godmother to Little Meerkat and Lesley Davis the wonder-librarian for inviting me to read to her students. You guys rock!

This is Ali, Over and Out.

9 Thoughts

  1. We should all read aloud to some one every day Ali! It’s one of the most beautiful ways to receive a story. Wonderful of you to get on board with this.

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    1. I agree, Dimity. A couple years ago, I was a volunteer for an organisation called The Pyjama Foundation (which supports the literacy of children in foster care), and I got to read aloud every week. I think I will carve a little time out to do that again!

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  2. Hi Ali, Thanks for reminding us about Reading out Loud to Children.
    I’m so lucky my books, Bailey Beats the Blah and STOP the Bully were purchased for Logan City City Council so Volunteers like the Pajama Foundation take my books into schools and homes to read to children … Karen Tyrrell 🙂

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