Crafting Fictional Heroes – Karen Tyrrell’s Secrets


My friend Karen Tyrrell, award-winning children’s resilience author, is back with a brand new Sci-Fi adventure. Karen launches her second illustrated novel in the Super Space Kids series, Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra, an action-packed FUN space adventure for kids 7-12. Illustrated by Trevor Salter.

Jo-Kin Battles the It and Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids) are out NOW on Amazon and in book shops across the galaxy including Dymocks.

Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra

Blast off with gadgets, robots and funky food in a hilarious outer space adventure that enlightens you with STEM science, the power of teamwork, problem solving, and resilience.

“Reluctant hero, Jo-Kin never wanted to be a Super Space Kid. Not until Lord Terra kidnaps his Commander’s little sister and starts destroying the galaxy. Jo-Kin reunites the mighty Super Space Kids for an inter-planetary hunt for Lord Terra, finally meeting in a legendary winner-takes-all battle on Planet Deelish-us.

Can Jo-Kin defeat the all-powerful Lord Terra face to face?”

How to Create Powerful Heroes in Fiction

  1. Identify with the Reader: Introduce your hero on page one via his thoughts, dialogue and actions so the reader can relate to him instantly. The reader needs to know the protagonist’s goals and motivations straight away.
  2. Empathise: Allow the reader to empathize and sympathize with the hero, so they really care about him. Your hero could be an underdog with some endearing flaws.
  3. Humour: Let the hero character deliver humour on the very first page, to win the reader over. A character who makes us grin is a character we’ll like.
  4. Action: Heroes are characterised by action. The hero actually does things. He or she doesn’t sit around watching things happen, or waiting for situations to resolve themselves.
  5. Morality: A hero represents the values of the community. They defy evil and save the world. They stick up for the geeks, and believe in fair play. They hate bullies.
  6. Selflessness: We love heroes who go out of their way to protect others.
  7. Loved by Others: Give your hero a sidekick and a team. If your hero is loved by someone else, it establishes the character as someone worthy of love.
  8. Compassion: Your hero character must show an underlying kindness and desire to uplift and help others.
  9. Bravery: Even when scared and nervous, your hero needs to put his life on the line again and again.
  10. Determination: Your hero must never give up, no matter how many brick walls challenges he encounters.

Karen Tyrrell’s hero character Jo-Kin in Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra ticks all those boxes.

Check your hero against the hero checklist. How did your hero go?

Please leave a comment below for a chance to win a copy of Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra.

Blog Tour – Around the Galaxy & Back

Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra Blog Tour 23 May – 1 June

To celebrate Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra launch Karen is hosting Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra Blog Tour and Book Giveaway. Co-hosts will share out-of-this-world book reviews, interviews and blog posts.

Karen will zoom away signed copies of her book Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra and galactic prizes via the websites below. Please leave a comment on the websites to WIN.

23 May Amazon & Blog Tour Launch

24 May Writing Kids Humour, Melissa Wray

25 May Create a Powerful Hero Character, Alison Stegert

26 May Creating Teacher Resources, Romi Sharp

27 May Book Review, Robyn Opie Parnell

30 May Book Review, Jill Smith

31 May Creating Themes in Kids Books, Kate Foster

1 June Illustrate a Children’s Novel, June Perkins


Book Giveaway

WIN two signed copies of Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra OR 3 eBooks OR signed artwork from illustrator, Trevor Salter.

For a chance to WIN prizes … Just leave a comment on any of the above websites.

REMEMBER: Leaving comments on more than one site, increases your chances to WIN a prize.

Winners announced on 6 June. Good luck!

12 responses to “Crafting Fictional Heroes – Karen Tyrrell’s Secrets”

  1. Hi Alison,
    Thanks so much for supporting Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra on my Blog Tour.
    Crafting a powerful hero character is VIP so the reader can connect and empathize with the main character, his struggles and his ultimate victory.
    Please leave a comment below to WIN #5 copies of Jo-kin Vs Lord Terra Plus signed artwork.
    I look forward to your comments.
    Karen Tyrrell 🙂

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  2. A great list of heroic traits! I especially like determination. Best of luck with the rest of your blog your Karen.

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    1. Thanks for visiting Melissa!

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  3. Thank you for the great tips on how to create powerful heroes. It’s certainly gives me some ideas to ensure my heroes are in track. 👍

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  4. Thanks so much for the great tips! Certainly gives me some ideas to make sure my heroes are on track. Thank you 👍

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    1. karenwrites19 Avatar

      Thanks so much Lynda for leaving a comment here. Hope to meet you at Write Links soon 🙂

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    2. Thanks for visiting!

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  5. I love your 10 Ways How to Create a Hero in Fiction. He’s no Superman, but possibly an underdog with endearing flaws. This definitely makes the hero more relatable.

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    1. karenwrites19 Avatar

      Thanks Megan for checking out my hero trail checklist. Sounds like you agree with them all… Karen Tyrrell 🙂


  6. Thanks for inviting me to check this post out. Some very good points here. And I agree with Megan Higginson; showing different facets of a character makes them more relatable.

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  7. Thanks for inviting me to check this post out. Some good points here. And I agree with Megan Higginson; showing a character’s weakness and flaws makes them more relatable.

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    1. karenwrites19 Avatar

      Thanks Merran for leaving your awesome comment here. To increase your chances of winning a copy, Please consider leaving a comment at another site. Check out Jill Smith;s Book Review…
      Karen 🙂

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