Social Media Make-Over


Spilling Ink has had a facial! A new colour palette, a new header image, and some jazzy fonts. There’s nothing like a make-over to make you feel fresh and pretty.


Art Work Attribution

The new header image is the creation of German artist Mystic Art Design, and amazingly, it is designated Creative Commons CC0, Public Domain! I was thrilled to find such a lovely work that captures the whimsy and wonder of children’s literature. I did contact the artist to find out his or her name, but it seems they prefer anonymity.

I’ve carried the theme across to all my major social media platforms! I’ve taken advantage of the email option that goes with my custom domain, so now instead of Ali (at) hotmail (dot) com, it’s me (at) ali-stegert (dot) com. This branding refresher was in preparation for the CYA Writers’ Conference in Brisbane, where memorable business cards are an asset.

Thumbs Up?

What do you think? Have I managed to convey whimsy and a love of children’s literature?

11 responses to “Social Media Make-Over”

  1. Rebecca Sheraton Avatar
    Rebecca Sheraton

    Beautiful image

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  2. Dimity Powell Avatar
    Dimity Powell ? is that right? (easily confused but impressed by your new look, Dim ) 🙂


  3. You sure have, Ali! I love this picture! And as they say, a picture paints a thousand words. 🙂

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  4. I think it is just gorgeous! And, as always, fantastic to see you at CYA!

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    1. Thanks, Sam. I agree–great to catch up at CYA!


  5. Gorgeous! ❤ your new header and fonts. Hard to believe such a talented artist doesn't want recognition or compensation. So many generous people in this world!

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  6. It’s so wonderful and I love it when artists are open to sharing work too. I hope you enjoy the conference!

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    1. Thanks Glaiza! It was a fantastic conference. Lots of good things came out of it for me and some of my critique partners. Thanks for commenting!

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  7. I do like it very much, Ali. Love your pro-activeness, too. Is that a word? 🙂

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