5 Reasons Bloggers Need Visme


Visme is a new design platform that’s shaking up the content creation world. It offers powerful tools for creating elegant business presentations, slick infographics, and other cutting-edge marketing materials. But businesspeople shouldn’t have all the fun. Bloggers and freelancers, don’t miss out: take Visme for a test drive and see how you can amp up your text with gorgeous visual content.

These days, readers have high standards for images. People expect bright, clear photos, appealing graphics, and infographics–lots of infographics.

Let’s face it: design is a special talent, an art form, a calling even. Most bloggers excel at artfully arranging words, not images. So what’s a non-designer wordsmith to do? Even unartistic writers can put together some reasonable visual content by using a variety of webtools floating around the internet.

Visme: The New Kid on the Block

An exciting new player in the visual design sphere is Visme. This powerful platform provides easy-to-use visual content creation tools that make even the noobiest non-designer look good. You can create stunning:

  • Charts & reports
  • Social graphics
  • Infographics
  • Slide presentations
  • and More!

Visme is the New Go-To Platform


One: Learn as you use

Visme is simple and intuitive enough for almost anyone to use, from complete beginner to expert designer. The awesome bonus Visme provides is guidance. Visme doesn’t leave artistically-challenged users stranded.

Skill-up with Visme’s design resources—a blog, weekly webinars, video tutorials, and ebooks. Instead of figuring it out on the fly, Visme users can access tips and how-tos from top designers. No more clunky images! No more infographic fails.

Two: Infographics by anyone

Data is dull, no matter how much powdered sugar you sprinkle on your text. But if you present data visually in an infographic, the same information becomes appetising, digestible, and supremely satisfying.

Visme’s templates make creating eye-popping infographics a snap. You can plug in charts, graphs, animations, and other elements to make your boring data tap dance across the screen. Visme’s powerful tools automatically populate them! It’s like magic in your fingertips.

Designing attractive, personally branded infographics is a breeze using Visme’s templates, themed icons, and colour palettes. The tutorials are so helpful. Expert designers share tips on how to organise your information and lay it out for maximum Wow.

Three: Social graphics in a wink

Creating images for social media is as easy as blinking. Visme offers blanks and templates that make sharing on social media visually powerful.

Visme provides customised templates for most social media sites. You can choose, for example, between a pre-sized Facebook header or a Facebook event template. No more wasting time creating the wrong size graphic for the job.

Four: A smorgasbord of design options

All the images, graphics, and fonts you could ever need are on offer—120 fonts, thousands of photos, shapes, filters, and tools. Use the templates as a starting point and customise to your taste or brand. Or start from scratch and do it your way.

There’s no need to import your own images either. Unsplash images are on tap in the design interface. Talk about a time-saver! (Here’s info about Unsplash’s license.)

Five: Multiple Sharing Options

With Visme, you can publish to the web, share with a link, or download in a variety of formats including PDF.

Visme-3 (1)

My Experimentation with Visme

Visme is my new favourite design tool because it’s intuitive and powerful—with way more functions than I need. For example, I didn’t have an opportunity to try Visme’s presentations. In my old job in the education sector, Visme presentations would have been a God-send.

What I do need as a writer, blogger, content creator, aspiring entrepreneur, and community leader, are images and infographics to amp up my content. Visme has been the best tool by far for creating stunning visual content for my needs.


I created an infographic for part of a grant application. Presenting all of the vital information about the project timeline in an attractive visual format allowed my application to stand out from all the boring letters and dull reports. (Unfortunately, I can’t share the infographic here.)

Social Media Images

I’ve used Visme to make some fantastic event images for writing organisations I’m involved in. Here are event headers for a Facebook Page. You can see how I was able to hint at branding by repeating fonts and elements.


On Twitter, my pinned tweet features an image I created on Visme. This tweet (shown below) does double duty: the text explains my book while the image conveys its genre and mood.


Beautiful PDF Reports

I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with Visme, but the best project by far was creating a stunning six-page EoI for a community event. I started with a template and customised it to my taste. The finished document looked like a glossy travel magazine. It was so satisfying. I also used Visme to lay out my CV, which I shared with a prospective freelance client via a Visme link.

EoI example

My Visme Verdict

Because I enjoy playing with graphic design, I have over the years used several design webtools to create images (discussed here and here). After six months of experimenting with Visme, I can say it is my top pick. I had to return to Canva the other day, and I was instantly frustrated. The ease of Visme has ruined everything else.

My favourite Visme features are:

  • Design tuition and tips included in various formats. I can’t understate the value of this for a non-designer—I only wish I had more time to devote to learning design. The topics are helpful, like “Avoiding the Most Common Design Mistakes” and “How Non-Desigers Can Think Like Designers.”
  • Having Unsplash images on tap.
  • Themed icons and graphics that are easy to match for a professional result.
  • The user interface; it’s intuitive and fuss-free. It’s a pleasure not to bump into limits ($1 image, Premium Image, etc.) at every step of the design process.

Cost & Other Considerations

  • Visme isn’t the cheapest design platform option available, so it might be most suited to businesses and freelancers. But for bloggers like me who want to improve their design skills and who value intuitive user-interface, Visme is a tempting resource.
    • Visme’s pricing can be found here.
    • Compare its price to other platforms here.
  • As I mentioned, some of Visme’s powerful features are beyond the scope of my current needs. However, it’s nice to know they’re there, should the occasion arise.
  • So far there isn’t an app. PicMonkey’s app is handy, but it’s not essential either, as most design work happens on my laptop rather than my phone or tablet.

Over to You

Have you tried Visme for visual content creation? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

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    A great blog from Ali. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on some useful and inspiring tools.

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  2. Thanks Ali. I love reading about people road testing apps.

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  3. Ooo…I want to have a dabble at Visme when I get some time. Thanks for the useful information, Ali. ☺️


  4. Thanks Ali. I will check it out!

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  5. Thanks for this review on Visme. Since reading your post, I have gotten myself into Visme and experimented with its varioys templates. There are so many of them, even for the non-paying beginner’s account. I like it. I have just written a tutorial on my blog on how to create a social media friendly image with Visme. Feel free to swing by. My blog is in Indonesian, though, so you might want to allow your browser to translate it into English (or your preferred language). Cheers.☺


    1. Awesome! So glad you found it helpful, and I’ll definitely check out your tutorial. Cheers!


      1. Thanks Ali. 🙂

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