My Cover

Cover Reveal Coming Up

Watch this space to see the beautiful cover of HER MAJESTY’S LEAGUE OF REMARKABLE YOUNG LADIES. In the meantime, here is my placeholder:

After many years of using my own ^rather lame graphics^ (see example above), I’m so excited to share the real, absolutely drop-dead gorgeous cover VERY SOON!

My book’s cover was designed by illustrator/designer Micaela Alcaino, British Book Awards Designer of the Year, 2022! It’s moody and intriguing, and I love it so much.

Cover Reveal Coming Soon!

Because my girl-genius heroine, Winifred Weatherby, is an inventress and creator of wackydoo gadgets, I made the day of the big reveal on:

International Day of Creativity & Innovation21 April 2023

Please watch this space and be sure to boost it on social media!

See you soon!

4 responses to “My Cover”

  1. mousehaus6gmailcom Avatar

    Dear Ali Good one There is a writer’s group at Caloundra Library Will see how I go with it But I do miss you all Off to Canada this month to see family and scenic places Please stay in touch I will be around !!! Edwina Writing and reading something 😏

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    1. Enjoy and bon voyage. Hope to reconnect later!


  2. Wow! How amazing Ali! Can’t wait to see the cover.


  3. That’s very exciting! I quite like your cover btw.


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