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Welcome to my dream…

One day several years ago, I decided to stop dreaming about writing and start doing it. One of my first steps was to order some business cards that said, “Alison Stegert: Writer.” They reminded me to stop thinking, “Someday…” and start creating opportunities.

Creating–that’s what I’ve been doing for the past decade. I have come a long way from that initial vague urge to write. I’ve honed my efforts, focusing on writing kidlit, mostly middle grade (for readers 9-13). I’ve learned a lot from writing four novels and umpteen short stories, and I continue to learn. I’m growing as a writer, and now, as doors are beginning to open, I’m on my second pack of business cards.

One of the windfalls of this writing gig is that I’ve found my tribe. I have made so many lovely friendships over the years. When my writing buddies have a writing breakthrough, I get as excited as if it were my own. And I know when my publishing breakthrough finally comes, they’ll be cheering for me.

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3 thoughts on “About Author Ali Stegert

  1. Hey, Mrs S, could u find some writing/illustrating/singing opportunities for me? I, too, wanna get my name out there!! I love ur blog – it’s fun reading about someone I actually know! So many randoms out there in Internet-land….
    …I hope, if u make it as a writer, u’ll remember the little people 😛
    Love u, Mrs S!! Ur a real inspiration 😉 (and that’s a funny pic of Lucy!! Haha!)

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  2. Hey HP Fanatic!
    Thanks for stopping by! That’s so nice of you to say I’m an inspiration. I think YOU are.
    You’re great in your own right and will go far with the abundance of talent you have. Of course I will keep an eye out for opportunities for you.
    BTW, Love your work! Keep writing/drawing/singing…smiling. 😊
    –Mrs S


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