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I’m Ali Stegert – author, blogger and content creator.

I do all kinds of writing, from fiction to academic, corporate marketing to personal reflections, but my favourite projects fall in the realms of kidlit, particularly zany adventures for children aged 9 – 13. I have a soft spot for gaslamp fantasy, magical realism, and coming-of-age stories.

This blog features updates on my writing exploits to date. Just click the tabs: My Books, WIPs, and the drop-down tabs under About Ali. Check out my literary CV here.

Career-wise, after a long and illustrious career in school counselling, I did a short stint in marketing in the private education sector. My *official* resumé is positively rosy with achievements. But personally, I think it’s more fun (and telling) to look at the stuff that that didn’t make the cut for the official document. So here it is. In no particular order, I’ve been:

  • the world’s worst waitress: instantly demoted to hostess after an incident involving spilt water and a mink coat
  • a moonlighting voice-over artist
  • a babysitter extraordinaire who fell from grace: Ugh. I still shudder … Don’t put wall-to-wall carpet in the kitchen, people. Sorry Mrs. L!
  • an intrepid seltzer deliveress
  • a scotophobic house-sitter
  • a country & western wedding celebrant
  • a frustrated minister (See ^above^)
  • an obsessed smocker and needle artist: dreaming about embroidery floss counts as obsessed, right?
  • an English tutor to the housewives of Taipei: 3 decades ahead of the trend
  • a harried country club camp counsellor: I envied the mothers’ three-martini lunches
  • a fouled-up macramé-ist: Oops! Not enough jute for the necklace you ordered? No problem. I made you a bracelet instead…
  • a failed forger of artistic masterpieces: my short-lived career ended when I graduated from high school.
  • a long-distance unicyclist: Long may be a stretch…
  • a tremulous busker with zero ability to remember chord progressions: Zero is not a stretch.
  • and a wide-eyed goy assistant to a Jewish caterer: best.gig.ever

Lots of early travel, a passion for languages and wordplay, a diehard curiosity, and a mile-wide creative streak have enriched my life. Topping my list of favourite pastimes are falling into research rabbit holes, reading and collecting books, patting and collecting dogs, shopping for and hoarding stationery, and gardening (another hobby that lends itself to collecting.)

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Here are some pictures from my garden before I fully understood the futility of attempting a cottage garden in a sub-tropic, coastal environment.

Photo by Madison Hadland, @Madisonandcoau

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  1. Hey, Mrs S, could u find some writing/illustrating/singing opportunities for me? I, too, wanna get my name out there!! I love ur blog – it’s fun reading about someone I actually know! So many randoms out there in Internet-land….
    …I hope, if u make it as a writer, u’ll remember the little people 😛
    Love u, Mrs S!! Ur a real inspiration 😉 (and that’s a funny pic of Lucy!! Haha!)

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  2. Hey HP Fanatic!
    Thanks for stopping by! That’s so nice of you to say I’m an inspiration. I think YOU are.
    You’re great in your own right and will go far with the abundance of talent you have. Of course I will keep an eye out for opportunities for you.
    BTW, Love your work! Keep writing/drawing/singing…smiling. 😊
    –Mrs S


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