About Author Ali Stegert

Photo by PE Stegert, ©2021

I’m kidlit author Ali Stegert. I write zany adventures for older children and quirky picture books for little kids. Historical fiction, gaslamp fantasy, magical realism, and coming-of-age tales are my favourite genres.

The (LONG) Pathway to Publication

It took:

  • seven kidlit novel manuscripts
  • twelve years of conferences, competitions, and critiques
  • umpteen fruitless ideas
  • countless rejections and more no-responses
  • immeasurable patience and persistence
  • over a decade of investing, learning, and growing as a writer
  • a support crew consisting of encouraging writer-friends, expert mentors, and a supportive husband

In 2021, I finally busted down the door to traditional publishing!

My first published books include Boogie Woogie Bird , a picture book illustrated by my dear friend Sandra Severgnini. (Redback Publishing, 2022) and the upcoming MG historical fiction adventure, The Remarkables (Chicken House Books, 2023).

Literary agent Lucy Irvine of Peters, Fraser & Dunlop, London, represents my writing career. I feel incredibly fortunate to have her on my side!

Check out my literary CV here.

A Bit About Me

I’m energised by building creative community and helping fellow writers on their journeys. As ARA (or state director) of the Queensland branch of SCBWI – Australia East / New Zealand and founder of the Sunshine Coast Writers’ Roundtable, I’m constantly inspired by the jaw-droppingly talented writers and illustrators in my life.

It’s not all writing, writing, writing. There’s Pinterest. And Twitter. Argh.

Seriously though, I love family time, dogs, cooking, reading (of course), collecting stationery, and gardening. I enjoy making art, and, yes, I nurture a tiny but persistent ember of desire to become skilled enough to one day illustrate my own stories.

Because I’m far too sedentary, I find balance by taking long walks on the beach, doing yoga, and stand-up paddle boarding. At least that’s the plan…

Let’s Connect

Looking forward to connecting with you in cyberspace! The contact form to email me is at the bottom.

Thanks for stopping by!

Photo by P E Stegert, ©2021.

3 Thoughts

  1. Hey, Mrs S, could u find some writing/illustrating/singing opportunities for me? I, too, wanna get my name out there!! I love ur blog – it’s fun reading about someone I actually know! So many randoms out there in Internet-land….
    …I hope, if u make it as a writer, u’ll remember the little people 😛
    Love u, Mrs S!! Ur a real inspiration 😉 (and that’s a funny pic of Lucy!! Haha!)

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  2. Hey HP Fanatic!
    Thanks for stopping by! That’s so nice of you to say I’m an inspiration. I think YOU are.
    You’re great in your own right and will go far with the abundance of talent you have. Of course I will keep an eye out for opportunities for you.
    BTW, Love your work! Keep writing/drawing/singing…smiling. 😊
    –Mrs S


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