Ali’s Activities

When I’m not banging out prose, I work as a school counsellor in a P-12 school. It’s a great life. I spend my working hours with great kids and my non-working hours with my characters.

My role includes the usual counselling and pastoral care duties, but because I can’t seem to stop the writing impulse, I also do a lot of creative work. I’ve written Set for Life, a complete course (years 7-12) for Life Skills, and  e-Quipped, a complete Digital Citizenship and Cybersafety Package. I also get to run a co-curricular writing group called The Inklings of NCC (in honour of the Inklings of Oxford, whose famous members included C S Lewis and J R R Tolkien).

It’s not all writing and counselling…I have a lovely family to enjoy.



I’m aka “Alison Douglas” and my married name is Stegert,which is pronounced SteGHert (g as in gherkin, girl, and goofy), not SteJert (g as in gem, gym and…germs. Hey–don’t blame me. I’m not responsible for English phonics.) I’m putting this out there because “How do you pronounce Stegert” was an actual search item that turned up in my stats. Somebody out there wants to know. Now you do. 🙂

CC image, Royal Pink by Jeremy Brooks