Ali’s Activities

As of 2018, I am a full-time writer and content creator. In addition to caring for my elderly father-in-law, my days consist of reading, writing, thinking, tweeting (and other social media), checking emails for freelance work, and running a few literary groups near my home.

Before this job, I worked briefly in marketing and communications in the private education sector. Before that I had a long and rewarding career as a school counsellor in a P-12 school.

I have a lovely family with three grown daughters. My husband and I have two naughty dogs, a neurotic Staffy named Huckleberry and a little Foxy-Jack terror—I mean ‘terrier’—named Luna.


Living at the beach allows for lots of activity. In addition to walking the dogs, I am a “SUPper” (standup paddle boarder), and I do yoga to get the writer’s kinks out and clear my head. I’m also rediscovering my love of visual art. Watch this space!


I’m aka “Alison Douglas” and my married name is Stegert, which is pronounced SteGHert (g as in gherkin, girl, and goofy), not SteJert (g as in gem, gym and…germs. Hey–don’t blame me. I’m not responsible for English phonics.) I’m putting this out there because “How do you pronounce Stegert” was an actual search item that turned up in my stats. Somebody out there wants to know. Now you do. 🙂

Image Credit: Photo by Katrina on Unsplash