The Temple of Lost Time

27The Temple of Lost Time

The story of Toby Fitzroy is a gaslamp fantasy, high-sea adventure for middle grade readers. Toby Fitzroy lives in 1853 in an alternative nineteenth century England, and he’s stuck, all alone, on an expedition ship full of crusty sailors and snooty leaders. He just wants to find his dad, but his quest is sidelined by the ship’s leaders, who are hunting for the mythical Sand of Time, a which bestows additional measures of time to its beholder.

Arriving in the Azores, Toby and the crew stumble into Achronos, where they discover the curious process of recycling lost time and wasted opportunities—and much more. Not everyone escapes with their lives.

Readers who long for nail-biting encounters with creepy sea monsters, daredevil exploits, and some twisty twists with lashings of brass and steam will love the adventures of this orphaned, way-out-of-his-comfort-zone kid. The story could be described as “a little Peter Pan and a lot of Indiana Jones.”

Boys and girls aged 9-13 will enjoy the quirky animals, nail-biting pace, weird fantastical beings, and Achronos, the fabulous place beyond time.

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5 thoughts on “The Temple of Lost Time

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  2. This must be the book you read to us two years ago, I’m sure it will be sitting on a library shelf as well as it’s sequel soon! And I’ve only read one chapter!

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    • This is the one Georgia! It’s now called The Temple of Lost Time, and I’m working on it with a mentor from the Australian Society of Authors.

      I did short story workshops with the year 12s earlier this year. I love those opportunities. I hope I get to read some of your writing.

      Reading and studying authors’ techniques is a sign of a true writer! You can also learn something when you read something that isn’t holding your attention. Why isn’t it working? At what point do I stop caring? I’ve got some great books on writing too that are really helpful. I’ll do a blog post!


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