Flight of the Thunder Dragon

The Flight of the Thunder Dragon is the second book in the Toby Fitzroy gaslight fantasy-adventure series.

Toby and his father are getting to know one another and starting a new life together. All goes well until his dad is falsely charged with high treason, a crime punishable by hanging. Toby must prove his father’s innocence—fast. He learns of the Fiery Pearl of Shambhala, a legendary treasure with unique powers that can save his dad. The clock is ticking until the trial and execution—and the artefact is far, far away.

Using devices acquired from his first quest, Toby short-cuts to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon. After wasting precious time working his way through the maze of court politics, the Bhutanese regent promises Toby the Fiery Pearl if he can rescue their kidnapped king from a powerful and feared shaman. But first, Toby must survive encounters with a mysterious man-beast called Migo, underfed tigers, and a band of ensorcelled vultures if he is to win the prize that can save him from the gallows.

Toby’s adventure takes him from the grime and bustle of mid-Nineteenth Century London to the pristine wilderness of Bhutan—and Beyond to the realms of legends. The question isn’t: Will he make it back to London in time? Rather, it’s: Will he make it back at all?

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Image Credit: Bhutanese flag, CC0 Public Domain

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