Sunshine Coast Writers’ Roundtable

Established (<< in the loosest possible sense of the word) in 2017 by children’s author Ali Stegert. Based in Maroochydore, Queensland, SCWRT is a creative community of writers.

Prioritising writing. Valuing creative community.


SCWRT (or “Squirt” as I call it) is a small, casual community of serious literary creators who kick off their week writing together and sparking one another’s creativity.

It’s strictly come-when-you-can. No dues, no homework, no stress.

We meet at a central library on the Coast. Back in the good ole days prior to social distancing, we squished in around a large table, bumping elbows and spilling water bottles. These days, we sit apart but in the same area. It’s a little lonelier, but the reduction in soggy notebooks has been a bonus. And, okay, full disclosure: we get more writing done with space between us.

After our writing session, we go to a café to share our weekly goals, commiserate over rejections, and celebrate milestones.


Our core group consists of all levels and types of writers, from aspiring to veteran; indie and traditional; children’s books, women’s fiction, and nonfiction. (The majority write for kids.)

Genre and publishing mode are not important; it’s about the intent to write for publication and the desire to journey with writerly friends.

While all ages (adult) are welcome, most members are in the 40 – 65 bracket.

SCWRT members have produced over thirty books since the group’s beginning in late 2017! (Time for a new, official tally!) We’ve had grant recipients, winners of international competitions, literary agent offers, publishing contracts signed, national award winners, and quite a few recipients of highly prized cover stickers!

Equally valid and important, we have members who haven’t yet attained their publication goals but who’ve grown as creators, completed many firsts, put their work out there, and persisted despite the inherent setbacks and disappointments in the publishing game! It’s all worth celebrating!


We usually meet upstairs at the Maroochydore Library for 90 minutes of individual writing (or, sigh, completing writerly administrivia). Afterwards, we walk to a nearby café for the obligatory and highly anticipated chinwag.

It’s advisable to check the SCWRT FB Page for updates, as we frequently change the coffee venue, and occasionally we write in places other than the library.


You’ll find us most Mondays from 9:30 – 11:00 am writing at the library, then from 11:00 to noon sipping lattes at a café and laughing a lot.

Why Mondays? It’s a symbolic and powerful act, giving the first hours of a new week to our writing aspirations and goals.

There are no meetings on public holidays, and school holidays are ad hoc.

We socialise quarterly more or less – high tea, theatre, dinners out… We also support one another’s book launches and literary events. Nothing beats cheering for a friend you’ve struggled and grown with!

What We’re Not

SCWRT is not a ‘how to write / how to get published’ organisation. We don’t offer courses or conferences or anything that adds to our workload and reduces our writing time. We recommend the Queensland Writers’ Centre if you’re looking for workshops.

Although some long-term members may informally share their writing, SCWRT is not a critique group.

SCWRT is not a manuscript assessment service. Please don’t ask members to read your work. However, if you’re looking for a service, we may be able to recommend editors or mentors for hire.

How to Contact Us

Follow us on our SCWRT Facebook Page and message us via Messenger. Along with meeting information, we post members’ book news, and tidbits about writing, publishing, and the arts.

“I joined the Roundtable early 2020, after meeting Ali (Stegert) at a book launch. It is so nice to be amongst like-minded writers who are hugely supportive. I really enjoy the meet-ups!”

Jenny C

“For the past five years, I’ve been meeting my writing buddies for support, encouragement and a lovely chat over coffee. For me it’s a time to write, share and learn about the children’s book industry.”

Marg G

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