Winifred Weatherby

Winifred Weatherby Saves the Century

Winnie is no ordinary Nineteenth Century girl. She unconventional, plucky, and smart—in fact, she’s a girl-genius on a mission. Winnie plans to be an engineer, despite the fact that engineering is only for men in 1899. paris-965141_1280

Winifred Weatherby Saves the Century is a 2016 WIP. It’s a middle-grade boarding school mystery / adventure with fin de siècle flourishes, espionage, suffragettes and science.  Queen Victoria gets a cameo. How’s THAT for fun?

News Flash!

Winnie won second place in the CYA 2016 Conference Competition – Category 4b – MG, which means we won a cash prize. Better yet, the judge was an editor from a major Australian publisher, and she requested the full manuscript! Huzzah!