The Remarkables

Winifred Weatherby Saves the Century

Winnie is no ordinary Nineteenth Century girl. She unconventional, plucky, and smart—in fact, she’s a girl-genius on a mission. Winnie plans to be an engineer, despite the fact that engineering is only for men in the nineteenth century. paris-965141_1280

Winifred Weatherby Saves the Century is a 2016 WIP. It’s a middle-grade boarding school mystery / adventure with fin de siècle flourishes, espionage, suffragettes and science.  Queen Victoria gets a cameo. How’s THAT for fun?

News Flash!

Winnie won second place in the CYA 2016 Conference Competition – Category 4b – MG, which means we won a cash prize. Better yet, the judge was an editor from a major Australian publisher, and she requested the full manuscript! Huzzah!

In Further Developments…

Five years later, and Winnie and I are not finished, not by a long shot. She’s hung around the attic in my mind, tap dancing on the floorboards and bugging me when I’ve been trying to do other things.

Nah, to be fair, this is a story I have wanted to write sooo bad, but other projects have taken priority. 2021 is THE year. I submitted an old version to the Historical Novel Society of Australasia Elizabeth Jane Corbett Mentorship Prize—and I won! Holy Victoriana, Batman!

It’s a sign from the Universe that Winnie needs to have her day in the sun. I’ve made her older so she has more agency, and I’ve settled on 1889 instead of 1899 as the backdrop. AND, Houston, we have a new title: The Remarkables.

I am having so much fun rewriting this. I can’t wait to send it to my mentor, Dr Wendy Dunn for her input. And I can’t wait to send it out into the world. When it’s ready! Not a day before!

Watch this space for more news about the incorrigible Winifred Weatherby as she saves Queen Victoria from would-be plotters and seeks to find her missing father, clear his maligned name, and show the world that girls CAN be inventors.