Underdawgs: YA Rom-Com Caper

Celebrity status isn’t all it’s cracked up to be—especially when you land yourself in the bad books of Australia’s most notorious bikie gang. Shaun Dixon is an eighteen-year-old international YouTube sensation, and he has nowhere to hide.

Shaun has a rare gift: he’s a Dog Savant. Thanks to his videos, he’s pegged as the ‘the Steve Irwin of the Canine World.’ Nobody special one day, “OMG, you’re that dog-guy from YouTube!” the next. The fame used to be awesome, but now that there’s a bounty on his head, not so much.

His friend Howie claims to have a gift too: ‘The Midas Mind—all my ideas are gold.’ In reality, he’s a manipulative moocher with a gaming addiction, sub-par social skills, and an inflated idea of his own talent. But he’s persuasive, and he’s convinced Shaun he can convert Shaun’s YouTube fledgling fame to a huge fortune by partnering in a start-up online pet product empire.

Far from raking in the bucks, Shaun finds himself doing more and more Howie’s lame job: walking spoilt dogs for next-to-nothing. Tough to swallow, when all you want is a decent YouTube income and a girlfriend. Howie’s big business plan goes pear-shaped when Daisy, a dog in Shaun’s care, is snatched for bait by a dog-fighting syndicate. Shaun and Howie have to get the dog back, or they can kiss their cushy future good-bye …

Set in Australia, Underdawgs is a story about big dreams, scary outlaws, and, of course, awesome dogs.

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Photo4 by Phillip, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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