School Visits

Workshops for Young Writers

Inspiring and mentoring young writers is one of Ali’s greatest joys. For years, she has facilitated The Inklings, an extracurricular writing group for secondary students at her school. In 2015, she was a guest presenter at Clayfield College’s Illuminate Festival of Literature, and is a regular Book Week guest at Northside Christian College.

Courses for Kid Writers

Workshop 1 of the Hot House Stories Series for Young Writers
  • Hot House Stories© is a series of writing workshops for secondary students (Years 7-12).
  • Cabinets of Curiosity© is a series of writing workshops for middle school students (Years 7-9).
  • Message in a Bottle© is a series of workshops for upper primary school students (Years 3-6).

Ali can customise workshops for varying sizes and age groups. Her fee structure lines up with rates suggested by the Australian Society of Authors.

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Public Speaking to Parents & Adults

Alison is an engaging speaker with experience presenting in Australia and overseas. Her public speaking and workshop facilitation skills have been honed over the years in her various roles as a counsellor, an educator, a minister, a marriage celebrant, and a conference facilitator.

Topics include (but are not limited to) Alison’s work as a writer and a school counsellor:

Writing & Literature

  • Journalling for Wholeness
  • Kindling Creativity
  • Unlocking the Attic: Accessing the Creative Treasure Trove Within
  • Social Media Basics for the Unwired & Disinclined
  • Navigating the Multi-laned Pathway to Publication

Digital Wellbeing & “Cyber-parenting”

  • Screens & Teens – What Parents MUST Know about Wired Adolescents
  • Cyberspace – Parenting’s New Untamed Frontier
  • Digital Discipleship – A New Paradigm
  • Raising Good Digizens
  • Digital Well-being in A Screen-Fixated World
  • Parenting an Anxious Child/Teen
  • Bibliotherapy for Beginners


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