Boogie Woogie Bird

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We’re in the Speech Pathology Australia’s Book of the Year Shortlist!!
Redback Publishing, 2022 | Buy it HERE

All Curlew wants to do is dance, but his leggy legs are too gawky, and his knees are way too knocky.

He sets off in search of some inspiration…

… And finds it!

Available Now!

Go on. Treat yourself and the little people in your life to a delightful tale of overcoming loneliness and finding love by being authentically YOU.

Coming to bookshops near you! But until you’re able to support your local independent bookseller, here are two online outlets:

Boogie Woogie Bird, published by Redback Publishing, illustrated by Sandra Severgnini, and written by Yours Truly (Ali Stegert, ahem) is available for purchase in Australia >>HERE<<.

For purchase in the UK and elsewhere (free delivery worldwide, so North American people, use this site until Amazon gets on board), buy it >>HERE<<

TEACHERS, Looky Here!

I’ve got teachers’ notes for you, courtesy of Redback Publishing.

Curlew dances to ‘Jumpin’ Boogie Woogie’ by Jason Shaw Audionautix,com CC4.0 | Video by Sandra Severgnini

Boogie Woogie Bird is a delightful peek into the wonderfully wacky world of birds’ courtship dances.

Goofy dancers and hopeless romantics alike will rejoice at Curlew’s tale of embracing his inner klutz to find both his groove and his soulmate. 

Award-winning illustrator, Sandra Severgnini, has created gorgeous illustrations and layouts.

We signed a publishing deal with Redback Books in 2021 with publication in March 2022.

Header Image: School Birds by Matthew Kenwrick via Flickr | CC 2.0

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