Disco Party Book Launch – 21 May 2022

Lots of glitter and no apologies. This was a celebration of my first book! Woot-woot! It was a long time coming, so I went all out! A shout out to to my emcee, Aleesah Darlison, and to Genevieve and the team at Where the Wild Things Are Bookshop, Brisbane.

I’d like to express my gratitude to SCBWI for the RAM grant, the funds of which allowed me to hold a stellar launch and acquire tools and expertise for the promotion of my book.

Reading & Signing – Harry Hartog Maroochydore – 28 May 2022

This event was special because illustrator Sandra Severgnini and I did it together. Our writing buddies from the Sunshine Coast Writers’ Roundtable came along, and so did my lovely neighbours. I’m so touched by the support! The staff at Harry Hartog are fabulous.

Spruiking at Annie’s Books – 4 June 2022

Annie’s Books on Peregian is a sweet beachside bookshop that really knows how to look after local literary creators. Thanks, Annie!

Check out the adorable marionette Sandra created. The kids loved it!

Thanks to Marg Gibbs (pictured in gingham) for visiting us and for sharing her photos.

Under 8s & Book Fair Visit – 23 June 2022

Thanks to Northside Christian College in Brisbane for inviting me to launch Boogie Woogie Bird with students at their annual Under 8s Day and Book Fair.

I read the story to at least a dozen small groups of children. The Curlew marionette (see the previous event) made an appearance and was very popular with the kids. They also enjoyed the video compilation of dancing birds and craft options, including a Colour-Your-Own-Bird-Mask, created by illustrator Sandra Severgnini.

Here are some happy snaps of me with the gorgeous students and some of my old colleagues! Did I mention how much I love librarians? Zoom in to my earlobes to check out my Binkabu Curlew earrings!

Many thanks to NCC for sharing their photos with me. I was so busy, I didn’t get to take even one!

Book Week 2022 – 26 August

Curlew and I started Book Week at the grand opening of Harry Hartog Carindale and finished up at Tin Can Bay State School. It was so much fun to be a bona fide author this year!

Romancing the Stars 2022 – Sunny Coast

October 2022

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