Long Live ‘Said’

A few years ago when my Pinterest addiction was at its peak, I blogged about the dangers of mispinformation. Annoyed by the proliferation of ‘Said is Dead’ pins, I went to battle to set the record straight:

When writing dialogue, Said is good and reliable and, well, correct.

The post is one of the more popular on my blog, so I’ve given it a trim and a hair cut and I’m resharing it now.

No doubt the naysayers will retaliate with a volley of examples where another word, whispered or crooned for example, work perfectly. Fine, perhaps I’ll even agree, but for the majority of the time, Said rules.

Long Live Said!

No, Said is Not Dead. <<Click the link to read the full article.

Image Credit

Graphic by Ali

Header photo by Casey Chae on Unsplash 

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